Pollux Overclock

Support Pollux, get some extra-fancy rewards and overclock your experience.

Pollux is, and always will be, free. Everyone can have fun with her without any kind of cost. But we all know that this much awesomeness has a price, from the Server expenses, to some service fees for making commands look and feel awesome the way they are, like Google Cloud, Shutterstock and even some individual artists.

That's why donations are always welcome, so more and better stuff can happen, as well as motivate the creator to keep working on it!

Donating and Supporting Pollux

You can show Polly your ultimate love in four ways:

  • PayPal
  • Patreon
  • Pagseguro (Check FAQ at our Discord Server)
  • Bitcoin :: 1QBobEQnrKgox18R2cL8Tu69Cxw6uqcWmw

Donations has different tiers depending on the amount.

This page is being reworked to fit 4 new donation tiers. Meanwhile, use the patreon tiers as reference.