Christmas Event
Help Santa's elves and get Exclusive Goodies
A little flavor to the event

Winding Keys
The Lost Toy Pieces

Pieces of toys for Santa's assembly factories were lost during shipping. Most of them were recovered, except for the winding keys, that ended up scattered all around.

Two elves were assigned to get in Discord's realm and recover them in servers all around the world. Borealis: the northern Santa's helper aprendice elf, and Australis: the southern slippery elf. They will pop in participating servers periodically, looking for them.

Meet the elves
The little creatures looking for their winding keys

The Collector

Borealis is a young part-time elf from Santa's main assembly lines at the North Pole. She volunteered to help finding the lost Winding Keys. She's one of Santa's favorite apprendices, for that reason, he takes her suggestions quite seriously.

Borealis collects Winding Keys and take them back to Santa, the Drop Rate of Event Lootboxes are increased significantly depending on how much keys she has.

The Trader

Australis is the elf of Midsummer Xmas, at Santa's southern assembly lines. Since Santa doesn't supervise them, she does anything on her reach to get the lost Winding Keys, even sneaking goodies and reselling them for a much lower price

Australis trades Items from shops for Winding Keys, the Rarity Tier chances of the items depends on how much keys she has.

Items you can only get at this time of the year

Exclusive Backgrounds
Exclusive Medals
Exclusive Stickers

Participating as a Server


Every Server Owner will be notified of the event. To participate you need to configure it at your server by using the command p!event setup (You can do that on test servers, since having more servers participating does not give any unfair advantages). See more details HERE

On top of that, server owners will receive boxes to be used as prize for any Christmas events you may want to host on your own server, get your boxes with p!event boxes, and give them away using p!trade box @user.

Each one will receive 5 Event Lootboxes, one of every Rarity Tier + 1 Common Event Lootbox for every 100 members in their servers, capping in 15 total.


Not all Servers will be participating on the event, because there are always those who will not play fairly. So, for your Server be automatically Eligible, you will need to match all these criteria:

  • Your Server has a Human : Bot ratio below 10%
  • Your Server must have been created before December 1st
  • Pollux must be in your server since December 1st or before

For the last two items, you can still have your server included by asking for a whitelist, contact Flicky#9065 or join the Support Server to be verified an whitelisted.
Participating as a User

Having fun

As a user, all you need to do is have fun! Be active as Event Lootboxes drop, get them from your Server's event if any,

Interact with the elves

Elves will spawn and leave in interval of two hours, choose your favorite and give your Winding Keys to them.

If you want to significantly increase chances of lootbox drops at your server, give your keys to Borealis, the Collector. But if you want to get immediate goods, or get more Winding Keys, you can sepak to Australis, the Trader

Scavenge for Winding Keys

Everyone has their own daily income of Keys, every 12 hours you can do p!collectkeys and get up to 50 Keys

Regular users can claim 15 Keys

Donators can claim from 20 to 50 Keys depending on donation tier

Penalised users for any type of system abuse can only get up to 5 keys daily.

Auto Config
The autoconfig features configures an event environment in your Server, it will do the following:
  • Create three Roles
  • Create one Channel
  • Create two Webhooks
  • Create two Embeds
  • Pin a Message
  • Add Watching Reactions
  • Set Database Values to your server

You can rename the Roles and Channels at will, but avoid deleting them unless you are willing to either discontinue or reset the event for your servers, as all data will be outdated and rendered useless, requiring a new setup.

It is REALLY important that Pollux has proper Permissions do do all of the above, or it WILL NOT work.

Permissions needed are:

  • Manage Channels
  • Manage Roles
  • Manage Webhooks
  • Manage Messages
  • Attach Files
  • Embed Links

After set up you can revoke all these perms except at the channel the event runs on

Elfs will spawn at this new channel and notify participating members of elf spawns, and inventory updates.

Spawn of the Trader Elf

Spawn of the Collector Elf

You can always check which ones are around using the command +elf, and interact with them with either +australis or +borealis