Easter Event
Search for the weirdest eggs around and exchange them for Goodies!
Egg Hunt
Gotta catch'em all, no wait that's for another time.

How does it work

Every user can collect eggs every four hours or so, use p!egghunt to search around for a random egg.

Pollux accounts the server's natural conversation activity to boost the type of eggs found, the server size doesn't matter, what matters is that your server has people around. Bot messages, flood, and spam will decrease the value of the eggs catched. So keep your server healthy, and keep your members engaged!

The Eggs
These are the event eggs. There are 20 of them!

Common Eggs

Lilac Dotted Egg


Amazingly Pink Striped Egg


Where's This Egg


Poorly Textured Egg


Blue Rings and that's it Egg


Literally Copypaste&Recolor Egg


Uncommon Eggs

Casino Airsoft Egg


Aquamarine Pulse Egg


Red Energy Egg


Blue Radiance Egg


Rare Eggs

Die Eier von Satan


Waypoint Egg


Plumber's Pet Egg


Lovely Somethingy Egg


Super Rare Eggs

Dark Magician Egg


Egg Pride


The Way it's meant to be Egg


Ultra Rare Eggs



A Fancy Egg for Fancy Easters


Probably Togepi Egg


Egg Conversion
How many eggs needed for every prize:
2 Unique Eggs
1500 Jades
3 Unique Eggs
1500 Rubines
4 Unique Eggs
1 Sticker (Common)
5 Unique Eggs

1 Sticker + 1 Background


7 Unique Eggs

1 Sticker + 2 Lootboxes


8 Unique Eggs

2 Stickers + 3 Lootboxes


10 Unique Eggs

2 Stickers + 2 Background + 2 Lootboxes + Easter Flair


12 Unique Eggs

2 Stickers + 2 Backgrounds + 3 Lootboxes + Easter Flair


14 Unique Eggs

1 Stickers + 2 Backgrounds + 2 Lootboxes + Easter Flair

(Super Rare)

15 Unique Eggs

2 Stickers + 2 Backgrounds + 2 Lootboxes + Easter Flair+

(Super Rare)

16 Unique Eggs

1 Sticker + 1 Background + 2 Lootbox + Easter Flair+

(Ultra Rare)

17 Unique Eggs

2 Stickers + 2 Backgrounds + 2 Lootboxes + Easter Flair

(Ultra Rare and Rare)

18 Unique Eggs

1 Sticker + 2 Backgrounds + 2 Lootbox + Special Flair

(Ultra Rare and Super Rare)

19 Unique Eggs

2 Sticker + 2 Background + 3 Lootboxes + Special Flair

(Ultra Rare and Super Rare)

20 Unique Eggs

2 Stickers + 2 Backgrounds + 4 Lootboxes + Special Flair

(Ultra Rare) Bonus: 1 Sapphire

Items you can only get at this time of the year

Exclusive Backgrounds
Exclusive Stickers

Participating as a Server


Every owner of eligible Servers will be notified of the event as it begins. If you didn't receive a DM notification, you still can run the event in your server.

On top of that, server owners will receive boxes to be used as prize for any Christmas events you may want to host on your own server, get your boxes with p!event boxes, and give them away using p!trade box @user.

Each one will receive 5 Event Lootboxes, one of every Rarity Tier + 1 Common Event Lootbox for every 100 members in their servers, capping in 15 total.


Not all Servers will be participating on the event, because there are always those who will not play fairly. So, for your Server be automatically Eligible, you will need to match all these criteria:

  • Your Server has a Human : Bot ratio below 30%
  • Your Server must have been created before April 1st
  • Pollux must be in your server since April 1st or before, otherwise, you need to be manually verified.

For the last two items, you can still have your server included by asking for a whitelist, contact Flicky#9065 or join the Support Server to be verified an whitelisted.
Participating as a User

Hunting eggs

Do p!egghunt periodically to collect your eggs, the more you collect, higher your chances of getting better goodies!

Trading eggs with your friends

"Holy cheesecakes! I have 5 identical eggs... I'm doomed!" No! you can still trade these with friends that are in need of eggs too! Egg trading has 2 useful commands:

  • p!eggtrade [ID of trading egg] @user The actual trading command, this will exchange the egg of the written ID for another of your friend's choice! Accept a trade by replying with accept [ID of egg being given in exchange]
  • p!eggcollection [@someone (optional)] Checks the eggs in possession of yourself or @Someone. Useful to check inventories before trades!

Exchange them for stuff!

Hand out all of your unique eggs in exchange for special goodies! Do p!eggchange [X] where X is the amount of eggs you're giving. Check the table above to see what can be exchanged for what.